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Become Volunteer/Vendor - Basic Info

Eastside Village is looking to find Volunteers to provide these services for our members:
Volunteers to:
  • Office volunteer (answer phones, filing, data entry, providing resources)
  • Transportation (to and from appointments, shopping social events)
  • Social visits (to converse, read, play games)
  • Telephone calls (weekly check in, service follow up conversations)
  • Household tasks (occasional cleaning, repairs, groceries, trash)
  • Organization (mail, decluttering, calendars, phone calls, appointments)
  • Technological support (computers, phones, home electronics)
  • Yard and garden care (pick up leaves, watering, pruning, yard debris)
  • Short term pet care (walking, changing litter box, feeding)
  • Minor maintenance (clear walkways, change light bulbs, trash to curb)
  • Running errands (pick up prescriptions, grocery shopping)
  • Accompany to appointments and activities (doctors, market, walks)
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out the form below, and we will send a full application form. You may also click here to download, fill out, and return the Volunteer Application.
For more information please call 503-866-0571.
Vendors are currently being selected from member recommendations only.

If you wish to be a volunteer for Eastside Village , fill out the following information.

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